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Critical round-the-clock server support. Don’t run the risk of leaving your business exposed.

Priority IT support for servers is essential to business continuity. They sit at the heart of your network and you need to know they are safe and preforming optimally – 24 hours a day. If your servers are at risk then so is your business!

IT Support for Servers

Benefits of Cyan Server Support
Less Downtime
By monitoring your servers 24/7, we identify issues before they happen and put processes in place to prevent costly downtime.

Comprehensive Backup
We manage the entire backup process and safeguard files, email, databases and entire server hard drives.

Robust Security
We make sure your servers are fully protected at all times, and ensure they are always kept up-to-date..

Fixed Cost
Your costs will be upfront and transparent. You’ll get truly unlimited support with NO hidden extras.

Full Maintenance
We run maintenance tasks out of business hours to ensure that your servers are always in optimal condition.

Customer Support
If you ever need help, we will be there for you. Need us onsite? We guarantee to be there within 2 hours.

Worried your server might be at risk? Sign-up for our free, no obligation security assessment!

At no cost, one of our highly qualified IT support engineers will connect remotely to your server to:

Check critical security updates and patches
Review your firewall and security settings
Check your virus definitions and protection
Review and test your backup system
Probe your network security

The whole process takes roughly an hour to complete. When we have finished, we will explain what has been discovered – in plain English – so that you can easily judge the health of your servers.

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One provider, one solution. For all your technology needs.

We’ll keep your business running, your people supported and your costs fixed by combining IT support, Cloud services and communications into one affordable monthly subscription.

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